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COMMODE À LA GRECQUE Height: 87 cm. Width: 127 cm. Depth: 57 cm. Stamped “A·L·GILBERT”, “A·GOSSELIN” and twice “JME”. Paris, ca. 1770. Master André Louis Gilbert (1746-1809), master since 1774 and Antoine Gosselin (1731-1794), master since 1752. Oak structure with tulipwood, amaranth, maple and fruitwood veneer; stained in green. Bronze fittings; cast, chased and gilt. Brèche d‘Aleppe marble table top. The commode was created in the so-called Transition style, a period in France between the Rococo and early Classicism styles. While the curved legs are still typical for the Rococo, the symmetrical marquetry fields with their Greek motifs are already pointing towards the goût grec and the subsequent Louis XVI style, which is typical for the slightly bulging commode and other pieces of furniture. This also emphasizes the three-part structure of the commode. The embossed stamps can be found on the top of the studs beneath the marble table top and indicate the collaboration of two Paris cabinet-makers, namely André Louis Gilbert and Antoine Gosselin. He became soon famous with his architectural marquetry crafted in stained wood, mother-of-pearl and ivory in transition style but also floral and geometrical marquetry. Provenance: Frankfurt, formerly collection of Baroness Mathilde Rothschild and Erich Goldschmidt-Rothschild, inventory no. 493. Published in: Auction catalogue Paul Graupe, Berlin 1931, p. 39, lot 167. € 90.000 - € 120.000 INFO | BIETEN 100 HAMPEL ONLINE Visit for around 6.000 additional images.