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François André

François André Vincent, 1746 Paris – 1816 ibid. The artist was the court painter of the French king Louis XVI and later professor of the art academy. Together with Jacques-Louis David (1748 – 1825) and Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732 – 1806) he is part of the French Neoclassicism movement. APOLLO AND VESTA Oil on canvas. Relined. 98.5 x 136 cm. Collection label with coat of arms of the Count de Sellon on the reverse and collection number “133” as well as another label with number “168”. In elaborate classical gilt frame. Subjects of antique literature were rendered with a new perspective in Neoclassical painting in general. The sun god Apollo desires Vesta, the sister of the highest god Zeus. She has, however, vowed priestly chastity and rejects him gently to become the guardian of the holy fire. A polished gold figure of the goddess Athena with helmet and lance, the goddess associated with wisdom, is shown in an elevated position in the composition on a tall pedestal on the left side of the painting. It should be noted that the present painting is closely connected with a major work by Vincent held at the Louvre. This is particularly the case in the composition of the figures, their faces and details such as the figure of Athena on the pedestal. Elements that can also be found in a drawing titled The Infant Pyrrhus before Glaucias (Louvre). A document by the commissioner, the Comte d’Angiviller reveals that Jacques-Louis David (1748 – 1825) and Vincent created replicas of the large history paintings for collectors. An aspect of French nationalism has also found its way into the painting: the colour composition is clearly dominated by the French tricolour flag. Today Vincent is regarded as one of the most important protagonists of French Neoclassicism, although 168 For around 6,500 additional detailed images: