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Jean-Baptiste Antoine

Jean-Baptiste Antoine Colbert, Marquis de Seignelay (1651 1690) was a French marine painter and minister at the Royal Court. He descends from the politically influential Colbert Family and was the son of Jean-Baptiste Colbert, who systematically and strictly prepared him as successor of the Ministry of the Navy. He sent him to inspect military facilities and ports. Under Rochefort the son had to pass a practical probation period. He subsequently worked under his father at the Ministry. The son was sent to Italy and the Netherlands 1670 1671 to study the local Navy and construction of ships. Especially from his travels to the Netherlands he brought back new knowledge, which was valuable for the modernisation of the French fleet. This knowledge seems to have been so valuable that Louis XV granted young Colbert to make dispositions alongside his father. Father and son worked closely together in matters related to the Navy but subsequently also at the Royal Household. 46 HAMPEL ONLINE Visit for around 6.000 additional images.

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