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PHILIPPE DE MOMPER THE YOUNGER, CA. 1610 1675 TULIP MARKET AT THE PORT OF LIER Oil on canvas. Relined. 63 x 89 cm. Around 1635. Unframed. Accompanied by an expert´s report by Dr Klaus Ertz dated 24 September 2019 (original enclosed). The vista is painted in cavalier perspective. The view is directed over the large Saint Mark’s Square to the parish church Saint Gummarus, which still looks recognizable today. After 1600 the town’s economy was characterized by lifestock trading which declined rapidly. From the 1630s, initially with great success a new market sprung up, namely the trade with tulip bulbs like in many other Dutch towns at the time. Famously this speculative bubble known as the “tulip mania” or “tulip fever” similar to the stock exchange today came to an abrupt end early in 1637. Thus the creation of this painting can be dated to this period around 1635. € 35.000 - € 40.000 Sistrix INFO | BIETEN 116 HAMPEL ONLINE Visit for around 5.000 additional images.