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Dekorative Bibliothek mit Büchern des 16. – 18. Jahrhunderts


KING LOUIS XIV Philippe d’Orléans, King 1715 1723 King Louis XIV with his family ca. 1710, Wallace Collection, London Two morocco leather volumes in quarto format with gilt coat of arms of King Louis XIV of France, Paris 1679 36 HAMPEL ONLINE Visit for around 6.000 additional images.

Portrait of King Louis XIV Louis XIV of France is considered one of the most important exponents of absolutism and the doctrine of divine right. The court culture developed by him and whose central symbol was the singular role and the magnificent appearance of the kings became a role model for other royal courts all over Europe. Louis was a patron of the arts and sciences, which led to a golden age of French culture expressed in the Louis XIV style. By way of example Louis built the Palace of Versailles which is regarded the pinnacle of European palace architecture. Louis XIV was known as the Sun King (“le Roi-Soleil”) or The Great (“Louis le grand”). When he died on 1 September 1715 after a reign of 72 years he was the longest reigning monarch in European history. Translate all texts into your preferred language on our homepage via Google: 37